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World Water Day Poll
March 18, 2021
Other sources of water in their community
84 responded out of 303 polled
Other problems of water their community
158 responded out of 385 polled
Other Responses/Comments
Written by: U-Reporters

"It's a good water, but if we can get a water purification we will be happy in our community"

32, Male, Borno

"We constructed a small zinc, to allow passage of water to fall"

37, Male Adamawa 

"No Government water in my community"

33, Female, Adamawa

"We have no problem with the taste of water. Once we have light we have water, when there is no light I use to buy fuel to kick generator"

36, Male, Borno

"We don't have water"

1976, Borno (Azare)

"Insufficient water in our community"

45, Yobe (Damaturu)

"If their is no light it is hard for us to have water"

24, Male, Adamawa (Yola North)

"We don't have any water source, and we need boreholes"

34, Male, Borno (Barma)

"Please my community need  help because the water we are drinking is very  dirty so we need you people to help us so that we should find a good water for our healthy please thanks"

26, Male, Adamawa (Song)

"The main problem we have in Maiduguri are as follow. Since 2 months back Boko haram has attacked the high tensions along Damaturu Road then Petroleum price has being increase from N162 to N200 per liter. Therefore, to get the water has been difficult in particular where we are"

34, Male, Borno (Maiduguri)

"To get bore you have dig more than 200 meters to get water"

55, Male, Adamawa (Guyuk)

"The water supplied is usually contaminated as a result of pipeline"

26, Male, Borno (Jere)

"Water no dey till we go 4 km,in our rural area b4 we find water inside river"

23, Male, Adamawa (Gombi)

"But we need help from you or other sectors our water bore hole is spoiled"

21, Male, Borno (Jere)

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