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Covid-19 Vaccine- Opinions
February 19, 2021
Q1c. What rumors have you heard? Write down what you heard or copy/paste the message you received ✍️.
400 responded out of 530 polled
Why 'Not at all"?
2,550 responded out of 3,285 polled
Q3a. Why is it "Not at all Important?"
1,350 responded out of 1,666 polled
Other sources of getting correct information on Covid-19 vaccines
290 responded out of 340 polled
Other worries during the pandemic
130 responded out of 160 polled
Other Opinions/Comments on Covid-19 Vaccine
Written by: U-Reporters

What rumors have you heard about the Covid-19 Vaccine?

"I heard that the vaccine is meant to kill Africans"

40, Female, Borno


"I heard that Nigeria is over populated, thus, it will be used the vaccine to reduce the population"         

21, Female, Adamawa   


"People are saying that the vaccine have a negative side effect"

36, Male, Yobe


What other reasons could stop you from taking the vaccine?


"Am not a frontline worker and also not a health worker. Am already practicing all the necessary preventive measures. Washing of hands regularly, observing social distance, wearing of my facemask, mouth and nose mask and I sanitize my hand frequently"

31, Female, Borno


"Cause it might have a long-term effect that hasn't been discovered or hidden just to make the vaccine approved. And can't be a lab rat for no scientist!!!"    

25, Male, Adamawa       


"I'll accept it after laboratory test has been carried out"

26, Male, Adamawa


"It's my personal belief"

32, Male, Yobe               


Why will you not trust the Covid-19 Vaccine at all?

"ALLAH ZAITSARINI BA MAGANIN BATUREBA (God will protect us not white man's medicine)"

31, Male, Adamawa 


"Sabi d daman munsa anaso akashemu t kowane hl sbd wai mutanen Nigeria sunyi yw ko to kussni Allah bazai bw duk wani mai yunkurin cutar d yan Nageria (They want to reduce our population that's why they brought the vaccine so Allah will not allow you)"

30, Female, Yobe

"Babu wata cuta wadda muka sani murane in akwai wani bai iso wurinmuba munayi musu adu"a allah yabasu lafiya mukam munayi allah godiya

(There is nothing like covid-19, we only have severe cough which we are used to and for the white people we pray for them to get well)"

45, Male, Adamawa 

"Because different vaccines for different countries and why is the vaccine for Africans different from Others?"

46, Male, Adamawa


"I cannot risk my life into danger. I can keep wearing my facemask and stick to the Covid-19 rules by maintaining social distance etc. Thanks"

29, Male, Borno


"I need to know more about the Covid-19 Vaccine"

25, Female, Yobe

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