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The COVID-19 pandemic has stifled economies, shrunk social activities to the bare minimum, created a new normal and worse of all, caused over 2.5 million deaths in a little space of time. Recent  global count shows that over 118 million cases have been recorded. More than anytime in the course of history, the need for vaccines has become necessary for the global community. UNICEF is playing a lead role in the efforts to foster trust in vaccines, ensure vaccine confidence, crisis communications as well as tracking and addressing misinformation around COVID-19 vaccines. U-Report24x7 platform - a UNICEF tool that engenders accountability for affected populations has helped in sustaining vaccine confidence to the over 230,000 U-Reporters signed up on the platform. 

The U-Report24x7 platform is currently addressing public perception on the COVID-19 vaccine through a unique poll. Users on the platform have shared their views over the past weeks in line with a global campaign from UReportGlobal. A chat bot (a unique knowledge center that gives adequate information) about the vaccine has been created and can be accessed by sending COVID19VAX to 24453. Users can access the chatbot as many times as they wish. A chatbot is a computer programme designed to simulate conversation with human users at scale, especially over the Internet. The COVID-19 vaccine bot aims to strengthen UNICEF’s ability to teach young people about the vaccine, boost confidence, identify rumors and help young people combat misinformation. The content in the chatbot is sourced from the regularly updated UNICEF. 

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat to humanity. U-Report24x7 is spreading knowledge, addressing misinformation about the virus, while promoting the use of the vaccine. Learn more about these so that you can respond to questions from friends, families and your community. If you are yet to be signed up on the U-Report platform and live within the north-east region of Nigeria, kindly send SHIGA to 24453 via your mobile phone. You will be joining a community of active citizens sharing their views on issues that matter. Joining the U-Report platform is the first step to accessing the chatbot.  You can afterwards send COVID19VAX to 24453 to access the chat bot. Your voice matters.


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