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During the enrollment and engagement drive for new and existing U-Reporters at the Bakassi IDP camp Maiduguri, over 25 women volunteered their time and effort in the 2 hour activity. One of them is named Kaltume.

An elated mother and people-friendly leader, Kaltume Bukar recalled how she was first signed up on U-Report24x7 in 2019. She also narrated how the camp became her residence since the insurgents attacked and displaced her community Gwoza local government in Borno state some years back.

“I was born in 1983 and I am currently a Volunteer Ward Supervisor (VWS) at the Bakassi IDP camp. This work means a lot to me because it involves talking to my people. As a VWS, I have contributed a lot to U-Report24x7 ever since I was enrolled.  I have helped about one hundred and twenty (120) people to register as U-Reporters. Yesterday alone, I helped to register not less than Seventy (70) residents during the visit of the U-Report24x7 team through the help of six (6) Volunteer Community Mobilizers (VCM) attached to me.”

Kaltume Bukar expressed her excitement at the way U-Report24x7 works, citing the rapid response she noticed on the platform along with the humanitarian response triggered from the community feedback.

Many active U-Reporters understand the usefulness of the U-Report24x7 platform. They have also recommended it to others and ensured that they join. Becoming a U-Reporter is simple.

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